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Thirsty Thursday 2

March 29, 2012


After all that talk about the dripless teapot, I couldn’t to actually brew up a pot and show you how truly dripless it is.  Now this is not a video (will have to work on that in a future post!) but it truly is dripless, I even tried but to no avail, it did not drip. For this pottery teapot I decided to brew up a cinnamon roll ceylon tea which had a nice cinnamony flavour on a cool morning.  I don’t use milk in this one but I know my friend does, with a little sugar as well.  Cinnamon is great to control your blood sugar as well, check this out on the web, you will find lots of posts about this.  I also use this one in cooking and baking especially in cookies.

There are many black teas that you could choose from to use this teapot, a great fruity tea, like bahama mama or creamsicle or a wonderfully floral and relaxing lavender earl grey. There are a few other wonderful earl grey teas such as grand earl grey and our very popular creme earl grey.  Some of the classic blends, like organic assam TGFOP, kenilworth OP ceylon, or our kenya FOP are also key features in our signature breakfast blend taais – t breakfast.  Don’t forget our namesake Irish breakfast blend called Gannon Irish breakfast with puerh and a hint of sweetness, without adding more sugar.

When brewing black tea, remember to use a full rolling boil of 212F or 100C, use the best filtered water, and brew for 4 – 5 minutes for a full flavoured black tea, resist the urge to shorten this time if you are used to traditional tea bags.

For a listing of all of our black teas go to our site at and see what other types of tea you might enjoy!

Adding milk to your black tea, like the chai I mentioned in the last post, helps coat your mouth and tongue so that the tannins aren’t as prominent and it helps smooth the flavour of the strong black tea. Homogenized milk is preferable because if the fat content of the milk is too low, ie 1% or 2% it won’t do the trick quite as well. I also prefer a little honey in my black tea, but again that is a taste preference, sweeten it as you please.  For a detailed look at tea and brewing times check out our all about tea page.

So, gather your tea, your teapot, your cup and sit, relax and enjoy the ritual of tea time…


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  1. March 31, 2012 12:32 PM

    A teapot that doesn’t drip is a wonderful find.

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