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Teapot Tuesday 2

March 27, 2012

So here is the next installment in Teapot Tuesday, I hope you enjoyed the first one!  This teapot made me giggle as I pulled it out of its paper storage wrapping.  The endless search for a dripless teapot.  I think I have heard more comments on “why do teapots drip” that I have on any other topic on teapots.  My favourite retort though is perhaps a little cheeky but likely one of the truer reasons!  Could it possibly be that it is the pourer and not the teapot?  I think patience is more the virtue here!  If we just pour slower, I bet the amount of leakage from the teapot will be very minimal.  You just need to slow down and pour slower, try it and let me know what you think.  Now I also know there are teapots out there that just have NO chance of not dripping, those I have no sympathy for, they are clearly there for their beauty or annoyance or both…so beware and slow down…and not only smell the roses, smell the aroma of the fine tea liquor that is pouring in a thin smooth stream from your teapot!

dripless teapot england

This teapot was a find by my mother, she calls them “gsf” finds, which translates to garage sale find! Its unique spout was intriguing enough but the marketing on the bottom also peaked her interest!

However, I cannot find out the origin of this teapot, can anyone help?  If you can see the picture and tell its origin it would be interesting and add more to the story!

The best part of this teapot though is the dripless concept.  See the picture showing how the liquid actually comes out the bottom of the spout, not at the top as traditional ones do.

Once again this is a typical pottery English teapot so it would have been used with mainly black teas and then drunk with milk and sugar.  So to follow up on the teas that would be served in this teapot I will explore black traditional breakfast and other black teas on the blog on Thursday called Thirsty Thursdays!

Again please do let me know if you know the heritage of this dripless teapot that I love so much!  How great to finally have a dripless teapot in the cupboard!

I hope you enjoy this journey, I have a lot of teapots and tea so I don’t think I will run out anytime soon.


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